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A local club of amateur radio enthusiasts. Members come mainly from south Oxfordshire but the society has become well-known in the UK and throughout the world. It is affiliated to the Radio Society of Great Britain. Please have a look around our website for information about us, events we organise (including our annual rally), amateur radio information and our monthly QAV newsletter.


Join Us

  • Individual membership £15.00 pa
  • Family membership £20.00 pa
  • Student & < 18 £0 pa
  • Pay online by PayPal
    or pay by cheque / direct debit

Subscriptions to HARS are due on 1st January each year.

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Meet Us

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We usually meet
  • 19:45 Second Thursday of the month
  • Chilton Village Hall, OX11 0SH
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  • Face-to-face meetings cancelled until further notice


Zoom Club Meetings

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Coming Soon

Club Night Talks - 8pm on Zoom

  • Wednesday 14th April
    Starting Again (Tim’s experiences of moving house and building up a new Station). A talk by Tim Kirby (GW4VXE).

  • Wednesday 12th May
    QO100 (Oscar 100 Satellite). A talk by Noel (G8GTZ) 


  • Wednesday 9th June
    MRI Scanners. A talk by Prof Martyn Paley


  • Wednesday 14th July

          EMF Update. A talk by Ian                          (GM3SEK)             

 Training Courses 

  • Intermediate - May 2021


Weekly HARS Nets

Wednesday 14:00 - 3.710MHz ± hosted by G8DVK

Friday 20:30 – 1.846MHz ± hosted by G0AOZ

Friday 21:15 – 3.710MHz ± hosted by G0AOZ

Saturday 15.30 - 145.4125MHz FM hosted by M0KEP

Sunday 15:30 – GB3DI hosted by M0KEP